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Sambrosa Care sleep promoting products
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Your sleep is essential to living a healthy life. Your body recovers during the night in order to function optimally during the day. Are you dealing with sleeping problems? You came to the right place: Sambrosa Care offers a unique line of sleeping products. All the sleep juices have a base of honey and herbs. We work with the highest quality ingredients. As pure and natural as possible.

Take a look below to find your Sambrosa Sleep Juice. If you are not sure which version is the best for you, please contact us for more information!

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Why Sambrosa? 

  • Fast absorption because of liquid base
  • Base of pure honey and organic herbs
  • For a healthy and natural sleep
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Your sleep 

Did you know that insomnia is a big problem throughout the world? Our sleep is essential to how we function during the day. Although research is ungoing we already know this for sure: our sleep has many functions. We rest, the body recovers from the day and we process activities and thoughts. Our sleep supports the immune system, improves memory and concentration during the day. Sleep problems can hurt your productivity and can cause a chronic feeling of exhaustion. 

Sleeping products for a good nights rest 

Are you not getting enough sleep? Then our Sambrosa sleeping products can help you. Sambrosa sleep juices have unique compositions and results. 

  • Sambrosa Natural: 100% natural with a base of honey and herbs. This version helps with lighter sleeping problems. 
  • Sambrosa Melatonine: with honey, herbs, melatonin and L-Tryptophane helps with irregular day- night rythms and jetlag. This version is good for traveling. 
  • Sambrosa Original combines honey, herbs and doxylamine. This version is the most powerful and popular. 
  • Sambrosa Melatonin Caps is a new and unique product that combines several herbs with doxylamine in an easy to take capsule. 

Benefits of our products 

What makes our products unique?

  • Easy to take in due to liquid form or small sized capsule
  • Fast absorption into the body
  • 4 different versions for a complete sleep line
  • Unique compositions with the highest quality ingredients 
  • Powerful combination of organic herbs and honey
  • Base of real honey 


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